Thursday, September 13, 2012

thanks for making work so very SWEET.

So, when Cruz told me he had a job opportunity in St. George... I was still at work, and immediately cried. I was super excited for him and his opportunity but it would mean big change for me too. One that would change my career. I have been lucky enough to work exactly where I have always wanted to. I love doing graphic design. I do it for work, I do it for fun. It is awesome. Covenant offers so many unique things to do from making books to aprons...! Moving would mean leaving the job I'd been working (also loving) and doing something else. That was hard. I didn't really want to... but I also knew it was exactly what we needed to do. Though I had mixed feelings.
Mark, Margaret, Me and Jennifer.
See these people up there... they are some of my co-workers from Covenant.
The place I have been working for the last 6+ years.

Oh, the funny stories I could tell. We have had so many good times, and well... some down times too... but that is what makes it real life, right? We have made mistakes, and learned from them. I love all the people that work there. They are all very funny. They will help you with anything they can. They have blessed my life. They started out just being my co-workers but now... I call them my friends. 

So, for my last day... I wanted to bring them a little treat.
The last day of work really jumped up on me...
so, I was making these well after mid-night.
They turned out good though.

My co-workers really did make life very sweet.
the people you work with really do make or break the job.
I was lucky enough to work with people that made it a fantastic job.

Hugs to all you Covenant employees... current ones and those who have moved on.
Love ya. Miss ya.
... and the best part is, that they love me too... enough to let me do freelance stuff for them. So, it has made the transition a lot easier. Though I miss seeing them.

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  1. How bittersweet! Hopefully you'll find something else you love too! Cute cupcakes and I love those Polaroid frames and tape!!!