Tuesday, September 11, 2012

august and september birthdays!

We have a lot of birthdays in august.
So, we have a big birthday party.
Gerald's is the 11th
Candace's is the 14th
(Who was on her honeymoon... so we gathered her gifts for later.)
Alan's is the 26th
and our Mom's is the 29th.
Let's eat cake!
... and we did.
Alan and Lisa hosted a little family gathering. 
We had good times, with good laughs.
Some funny things...
J.J. sticking his face in the air when the camera is out, and closing his eyes in case the flash goes off. Too cute, and really funny. He did want his picture taken.
Emma wanted to wear... a tutu, scarf, jacket, gloves, hat and a towel dress that you you use after a bath!  Needless to say she is into dress-ups. (When we were leaving she was wearing a red church dress.)

Happy birthday all of you!

And... speaking of family birthdays...
these guys have birthdays in September!
Since we won't get to celebrate in person... we will celebrate via blog style.

Cruz's sister Armery's birthday is TODAY. ¡Feliz CumpleaƱos! Big hugs. Hope you have a wonderful day. This picture was from when we went to Venezuela. She is such a good little Mom to her little one. She has a big beautiful smile, and a contagious laugh. Miss ya. Hope your day is fantastic.

and... little Emma had her 3rd birthday on SUNDAY. Love ya silly little girly.
I know she was excited to have a birthday. She wanted pink cake! 
We hung out the weekend before, when her family came to St. G. and while on a hike I learned that PINK is her favorite color, and She doesn't want to get married. I asked if she knew Cinderella? She said nope. I told her after she gets to know Cinderella she may change her mind. She said, I don't think so. LOL.

Now that I am living in St. George, I am sure we will miss out on some birthday parties. Something that I will have to get used to. I've always lived around my family, except for when on a mission... and when I went to college for the 1st 2 years. I love a party, and love my family more. I'm going to miss little gatherings. But I am happy that I am in the same state, and I could go visit them at anytime. It makes me think how amazing my husband is. His family lives in another country. So far he only sees them every 4 years. Thank heavens for Skype, Facebook and email.

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