Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wedding Anniversary #2!

It is true, we are so happy together. We have had such a fantastic first 2 years. It was good to have a chance to celebrate eachother.

This year was different than last year, because we were closing on our house at the end of the week we decided to not go anywhere overnight, and we tried to keep the cost down. Yet, we wanted to celebrate. So, we said that we wouldn't spend anything on gifts, and we'd just go to dinner. I followed the rules, Cruz however did notbut that is OK because he bought me a really fantastic shirt. (The one that I am wearing in these pictures.) He gave once again the traditional gift... the second year wedding anniversary gift is COTTON. I love the shirt and it was something that I needed. I too had a gift for him, one that I made. I made some coupons! (Included: Get out of doing a job/chore, 2 Get what I want and bring it back to meA back massage, Lazy Night= Dinner of his choice...with no clean-up, as well as something of His choice.) I was worried that he would think they were too silly... but actually he really liked them. Yeah! Two thumbs up for sure.

We went to the cheesecake factory (Cruz's favorite) for dessert. Beforehand we had gone to the Olive Garden (My favorite) for dinner. We were thinking of where to go for dinner... thought about trying some new places, but decided not to so that we could eat at places that we knew we'd love the food. It ended up being so yummy.

So much fun to celebrate our love together. I am seriously so lucky (ie. blessed) to be married to such a wonderful, kind and handsome husband. We have so much fun together, just the two of ushappy as can be. Thank you Cruz for always being fantastic. I love being loved by you. I can't wait to celebrate next year.


  1. I didn't know you guys were closing on a house! That is so exciting. We want to hear all the details. -Elise & Chad

  2. Yup! We are all moved in and everything. You guys are welcome to come visit anytime. :) Were just in Orem so not too far from you. Near Vineyard Elementary... just off of Geneva Rd.