Thursday, September 23, 2010

i am happy: 09.23.2010 edition

Today I wrote an email to a friend who asked me what have I been eating? Cruz and I have been trying to eat really healthy the last year and we have had our challenges, good days and bad days. (And you know the months that you just forget all about it.) Overall we are doing better than before, which is good. I am happy. It is true. I think eating healthy does make me feel better. But I also know that LOVING YOURSELF is the true key to being happy. Then all that other stuff of eating right, working out, staying on top of your life are more likely to fall into place. So, today I have been thinking... What do you love about yourself and the life you live?

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  1. I love this Chris! That is exactly what I have been trying to get across on my fitness blog! It's amazing how much it lifts the burden of trying into succeeding!! Thanks for sharing!!!