Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Lately I have been having a smoothie for lunch. It is healthy, and sometimes it is just what I need.
Today had this...
1/8 c. Orange Juice
1/2 c. Baby Spinach
1 Small Peach
3 Baby Carrots (this is a new fav. to add a smoothie)
1/8 c. Mixed Berries
3 Ice Cubes
1/4 c. Protein Powder (Vanilla)

All blended together in my magic bullet. (I really do love the magic bullet.)

And the other day I had this...
2 tablespoons Orange Juice
4-5 Baby Carrots
3 Frozen Strawberries
1/2 Banana (We freeze bananas, already cut and peeled; ready to toss in.)
3 Ice Cubes
1/4 c. Protein Powder (Vanilla) 
A little water to top it off

Currently our magic bullet has been living at my work since when living at my parent's house we used theirs, and didn't need ours. Now that we have our own house, I am thinking that we may have to get another one so I can have smoothies at home and at work. Though, we do have a blender at home... it's just nosey and not quite as nice. 

What is your favorite thing to put in a smoothie?

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  1. I loved my parents magic bullet! My new roomy Emily has one of those huge amazing blenders, but it's more for a party or something. I love the magic bullet because it really is sooo simple, fast and way easy to clean!!!