Thursday, October 7, 2010

mmm. . . chocolate!

My latest design project has hit the shelves! I am super excited to announce . . .
Chocolate Never Faileth 
by Annette Lyon and designed by ME!

You can pick up your copy here or here!
Not that I have tired all the recipes yet. . .
but these are my top 4 favorites, thus far.
  1. chocolate pavlova p. 193 . . .  I had never had pavlova before, and it turns out that it is yummy and good. The raspberries are a perfect touch to this yummy goodness. (PS. . . I made the one in the picture on page 192. It was the first try, and it turned out great!)
  2. classic chocolate chip cookies p.51 . . . but those are my weakness. 
  3. easy chocolate pudding p.87 . . . I was surprised how good and rich this pudding was.
  4. zebra/tiger tails . . . creative, and tasty; really a win, win.
Things I loved about this project are:
  1. I got to set up photo-shoots, and pick out display pieces. (I fell in love with all the cute dishes.)
  2. Love the scalloped pages. (You'll have to see them in person, they are cute!)
  3. Love the red coil spiral binding on the inside.
  4. Love all the little birds that are throughout the book.


  1. You worked your TAIL off on my book, and it's GORGEOUS. I can't count how many people have oohed and aaahed over it. You're BRILLIANT!

  2. Christina, You are so talented. Good Job, the book looks great.

  3. I am so impressed. It looks beautiful!

  4. Christina - I've added a link to this post on my website. I heard about your work through Annette on Kindle boards. Let me know if you'd rather have people directed to another page.

    You do beautiful work.

    ~ Jenna