Thursday, January 24, 2013


 Above is in Vegas. Cruz and I decided that when we took his Mom and Dad to the airport to go home we would stay an extra night just the two of us. We mainly just relaxed. Slept in, and saw a few of the sights. We go to Vegas ALL THE TIME. Too often for me actually. ;) But Cruz is a big fan. He loves the buildings, and all the hustle and bustle. So, glad we enjoyed this time because little did we know we were going to be SO, SO Sick for Christmas! They had this amazing mini show playing on the street. It was so fun to watch. I loved the dancers who were on stilts. The costumes were incredible. Ironically these were the only pictures we took. :)

Christmas was on a Tuesday this year... which was extra nice because we went to Orem on Saturday and didn't have to return until Tuesday evening. That was the plan....

Saturday, my Mom went to the hospital with a strange pain. So we rushed down. Lucky for her and us... she was ok. They did keep her overnight and she was able to be home for Christmas. She has a lot of different health problems, and I won't go into it here... we were just glad to have her home and on the mend. 

Sunday, we were able to go to Church and relax with family and friends.

Monday, Christmas Eve. It snowed a lot. We had some plans to have lunch with Joel and Lexy. We decided to go to BLUE LEMON since it was near Lexy's BF house who we picked up along the way. I started to feel sick as we were driving. Sort of like car sickness. It was weird. I brushed if off. (At this point the only person who knew I was pregnant was me! I was waiting to tell Cruz on Christmas.)
I thought maybe it was morning sickness or something... but tried to ignore it.
We had a fun time with our friends and chatted as we ate delicious food. I only ate a little of mine cause I just wasn't feeling right.
After we went to Joel's apartment. I felt so sick, I had to leave abruptly. 
Got home just to run into the bathroom.

So, while my family all celebrated Christmas Eve with a dinner and white elephants etc... 
Cruz and I BOTH spent it running from the bed to the bathroom. 

I did manage to sneak into the living room where the family was gathered for a few minutes. Emma was opening her gift from us. She had the cutest little surprised face. It was so fun to watch her. I love kids a Christmas. Also, David and JJ were overly excited with batman toys and backpacks. Em, also wanted to come and sit on my lap. Her Dad said she couldn't and had to come grab her. I said "Em, I am super sick... you don't want to get sick." She cried. It was so sad. Stupid flu!

I have to say it was the yuckiest Christmas EVER! 
Tuesday, we felt ok enough to drive home on Christmas day.
That was the end.

I was so sad that I didn't get to even enjoy the holiday. 
Though felt lucky that we did so much during the entire holiday season that we still can look back at it with good memories.
We had celebrated our own little Christmas early. We decided to update our phones to iPhones. So, nice and easy to use. We are loving them. Just reminds me to celebrate the moment... because plans do not always go the way that you want.

We felt completely better by Wednesday.
But both decided to take a sick day to make sure. Probably a good choice since we were still exhausted.

Hope your Christmas was better than ours!

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