Thursday, January 31, 2013

Celebrating my BIRTHDAY!!

For some reason this year we have been awful at taking pictures... which is so unlike us. 
But doesn't mean that we haven't been having a good time! :) And the few pictures we took of my birthday were on Cruz's phone and he deleted them... except for the one he posted on facebook.

This year I celebrated my birthday at a delicious restaurant just before you enter Zions NP. Oscar's Cafe was so delicious!! YUM, I am drooling as I type this. I decided to get a steak which is so not me. I guess the baby was craving it. lol. It was so good, and one of the best steaks I have ever had. Cruz had a burrito which was also very good.

After dinner we were too full for desert, so we waited until later that night.
We had yummy treats at the Bear Paw in St. George. Again, delicious.

Cruz is always good a surprising me for my birthday and he did just that. He bought me a kindle, and a book to go with it of my choice. I downloaded "TEN YEARS LATER" which has been a good read. It is amazing to read about people who have hardships and turn them around to be gifts. He also go me a armband case for my phone so I can take it exercising. I had no clue what he had got me, it was a complete surprise. I loved it!!

We also celebrated with some friends and had yummy sandwiches, and red velvet cake on the Sunday after my birthday.
Then when I was up north early February we had a family get together, with lots of laughter and good times. 
Always fun to have another birthday, and a great excuse to celebrate!!
Cheers to being 32!

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