Friday, February 8, 2013

oh, BABY!

We are super, super excited to announce that we are expecting a BABY! 

due date: August 21st 2013
(Joining the August birthday club with my family! We already have 4 birthdays in that month.)

We are just over 12 weeks!
Last doctor appointment we got to do an ultrasound. Which was fantastic!
And with that they measured the baby and moved my due date up a week... which was awesome. Skipped right past 11 weeks and onto 12 weeks. 
I have been feeling pretty good. 
I am counting my blessings on that one.
I have been really tired. Especially in January.

So our little lime (that is about the size the baby is...) is growing strong.
Cruz thinks it will be a BOY.
For me I am not sure. Boy or Girl feeling neutral about it.
Only time will tell.

We told our families the other day, and it was fun to hear their reactions.
So, nice to have such a awesome family with lots of support.
Cruz's Mom said "about time" which made us laugh.
Cruz's Sister Josmery squealed with excitement.
My Dad was the 1st to know after Cruz, and it was when I was super sick with the flu over Christmas. We were trying to decide what medicine I could take. He said "Bless your heart" which made me laugh a little. But his face was filled with excitement. 
My friend said, I can't wait to see what a little Marcano looks like. I couldn't agree MORE.



  1. CONGRATS!! So exciting! Hope you get feeling better!

  2. Hooray! Congratulations. You will be such great parents.