Wednesday, May 28, 2014


This little girl turns 9 months old TODAY!

I have been taking pictures on the month mark of little Claire and I usually take the time to pull out my real camera. (Sad that we don't pull it out very often these days.) However it is packed away and in storage. (We are in transition in our move from STG to Orem.)
So, pictures from my cell phone it is. 
She is so wiggly these days, and leads to often pictures are a little blurry.

She wasn't too sure about sitting on this bench.

This was on our evening walk along the provo river trail.

At her new doctors office; where aunt Brenda is her nurse.

I have her stats someplace…
but they got placed somewhere in the moving and I can't find them.
(Will have to update when they turn up.)

Basically she is 98% overall.
About 22 lbs.
wearing 18-24 mo old clothes.
Has 3 teeth on the bottom, and 2 almost 3 on the top. 
Likes to bite your legs so watch out. Ouch!

Loves to walk along furniture, look at herself in the mirror. 
Has found the TP, so we have to remember to keep the bathroom doors closed.
Is handling the hotel living just fine. 

Love you baby Claire Giulianna. 
I just can't get enough of you.

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