Monday, April 28, 2014

Claire 8 mo Old!

Seriously where does the time go!
Claire Giulianna is already 8 mo.

  • Things little Claire is up to these days include…
  • Chattering up a storm. The last month she has learned to say Papa, Dada, Mama… but now she refers to me as Bob more than Mom. LOL; baba, etc…
  • She walks from couch to couch and once and awhile I catch her standing on her own.
  • She is really good at arching her back when she doesn't want to be put on the floor, or when doing diaper duty. 
  • She is loving people more these days, but keeps a close eye out for her parents doesn't want them to leave her with them. ;)
  • LOVES to be outside, and so we went out to take these pictures. Only problem was she was too interested in the trees and kids to look at me. Still got a lot of cute pics. 
  • Wears clothing size 12-18 mo. She is so big!
  • She loves to give juicy kisses
  • Naps well, sleeps well, and eats good too.
  • Loves guacamole, or anything avocado. She likes applesauce, and sweet potatoes. 

I love this look of excitement and discovery.

Lots of chewing on fingers. Maybe more teeth will be coming soon…?

Thought it would be cute to get her standing… since she loves to crawl and stand up on things.
It was a good idea… until she licked the rock. oops.

Sure do love this little Claire, Claire.
She melts our hearts daily.

We have loved the warm spring weather that St. George has given us. 
It's our last few weeks here. We move up north to Orem area May 10th. for Cruz's new job. Excited to be near family and old friends. But will miss the nice weather and our new friends we have met down here. Thanks STG for being so good to us. We have had many fun and exciting adventures while we have lived here. . . #1 bringing little Claire into the world!

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