Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 goal feedback

It is day THREE of the new year. I haven't even made my new years resolutions, yet. I plan on working on it tonight. I actually take them seriously, and not so seriously at times. :)

I do think they are a good thing.
I do think if I put focus on them, I do accomplish them.
I do think they are positive.

Here is feedback on last years goals. 2011, I chose 11 things to focus on.

I would say I had a total success at: #3, #4, #7, #8, and #11.

  1. Be Healthy: I did this well at points and NOT so well at others. In the end, not great.
  2. Pray More: I found that when I made this a goal, it up-ed my morning prayers. YAY.
  3. Be Clean: Done and done.
  4. Travel More: Not only did we do a trip of a life time in EUROPE, we went to Vegas more than once, and to California too.
  5. Be Nice: I think i did pretty good on this, I guess to get the truth ask my husband. LOL.
  6. Listen more: I also think I became a better listener this year. I did miss out on the spirit telling me to transfer my pictures to our other hard drive, big loss there. I did however, listen to a friend and was able to surprise her with a fun gift.
  7. Be Giving: I think i did do better on this. :)
  8. Party More: HELLO, we for sure did this! May have caused the fail with #1. LOL.
  9. Be Brave: yes, I did try some new things in 2011. Go me!!!!!
  10. Read More: a little.
  11. Be Happy: I really have never felt SO BLESSED!!
What a great year 2011 was. I welcome 2012, with excitement. I will be posting new 2012 resolutions this week.

How did your 2011 year go? 
Any thing you are working towards for 2012...?
 Any fantastic resolution ideas for me?

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