Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter 2012...

I seriously love Easter. I love the spring flowers, and the taste of sunshine. It is such a great time to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. This year we taught the 6-7 year olds in primary about the resurrection of Christ, and they were really fascinated by the whole giant stone that covered to tomb.

We celebrated an Easter with my family on Saturday with a yummy breakfast, and a egg hunt. :) I forgot to bring my camera, but I did take pictures with my brother's camera. I am waiting for him to send them to me so I can post them. :)

But we also celebrated at our home a little bit too.
 I love to color eggs. I love to see what people think of.
 Kristi and Jake both were very creative. We had an eyeball egg, a grenade egg, a stop and go egg, and Kristi broke out the glitter... all super festive.

 I love masking out letters!
 Camie made Cruz a unicorn egg with glitter as requested. ;)
 All in all turning these little white eggs in to colorful creations turned out to be a success.
 Little Easter treats for our friends!
 We didn't have baskets this year, we had bags.
 Since Cruz and I aren't eating candy and treats, I had to get creative with the stuff to go in his Easter bag. It was a challenge to think of what small thing to put inside. I came up with socks and chapsticks. LOL. Oh, and to help fill up the bad... a blue power aid. He liked it.
 We took my parents some festive easter bags as well. We got creative with the note... and matched it with some of the treats that were inside.
 I finally found a table for our hallway! I plan to display holiday decor and such there.
It's a great place for my subway art.
I plan to have a different subway art for each month.
Get yours here!

hope you had a happy easter!


  1. How fun! I'm kinda sad we didn't do much celebrating over here. Oh well. Those eggs are so fun! Love your new entry table!

  2. Love the table runner you found! Where did you end up getting it?

    1. It's one we had a work for a display set up for a photo shoot. I love it, and I am just using it until I can find one of my own that I love. The awesome part is that on the other side it is the same print but a lime green. I really wish that it was MINE! ;)

  3. Yeah it super cute and I so wish I could have made it to dye easter eggs! Looks like everyone had a blast!

    1. Lex... we for sure missed you. Next time we will have to plan more ahead. ;) Hugs.