Monday, April 23, 2012

weekend shoping

the last two weekends we ended up at a mall.
we had fun both times.

First we went to City Creek...
 We'd been wanting to stop by City Creek for a while, and finally made some time for it. If you haven't gone, it is a must. I honestly felt like we were on a vacation, and not in little ol' Utah. The atmosphere was busy, fun and I loved the combo of the outdoor feeling, mixed with the mall feeling. The landscaping was so pretty, and the shops were fantastic. We looked at the shops and grabbed some dinner at the eatery. I went to this place called Big Sal's; it's a salad bar place, and it was perfect, and exactly what I wanted. Cruz went to a Greek place called Mykons; he got souvlaki which was grilled chicken skewers with a salad... oh, man was that chicken good. I had to get me a skewer. ;) Joel... he went with something he knew he liked... chick-fil-a. We then gathered at a table, ate, relaxed and just enjoyed the busy atmosphere. We need to go back, it was a great place!!

The following weekend we were with lex, and randomly decided to check out riverwoods. Not that we haven't been there before... but it sounded good. There was actually more people hanging around than I've seen in a long time. I was loving there strings of lights. They've really spruced the place up. We just looked around, and took pics. Good times! Oh, and we got some yummy candles from Bath and Body Works... they had a great sale for 2 candles only $20. We are loving this sent right now!! It is seriously yummy. It makes me excited for warm summer nights.


  1. You are so good at making simple things into really fun events! Pretty pics!

    1. Thanks Ang!
      We do our best. :) How are you doing these days. Do you blog much?

  2. Ahh! Love it! Cute pics, great friends, and random nights! LOVE IT TWICE!!!! Thanks for hanging out!