Thursday, February 17, 2011

H20! (and Downloadable Label)

Do you know how much water you should drink in ONE day? Do this little quizy and find out... here.
I made this little label for me to remember how much water I need to drink, and how I am doing. I hope to drink 4 bottles of water while I am at work, and then one at home (total of 100 oz). This is possible, but I do have to remember to just do it. This week has been the trial week, and so far I am doing pretty good. Only draw back is that it makes me have to go to the restroom a zillion times. LOL.
{Sorry for these poor pictures... I took them with the cell phone.}

I mark off how much water I drink, to help me keep track. I mark with a pencil, so that I can just erase and start over the next day. I am sure after a while I will need to print a new label... but this has been working good for a while. :) Good idea, don't you think?

{download your own water tracking label, 
by clicking on image above, and zoom in.}

Just a little way to BE HEALTHY this year.

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