Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the year of the RABBIT

02.03.2011 was the first day of the Chinese New Year celebration. We had a festive party on the 4th to celebrate. (It's more fun to party on Friday night, than Thursday... since Friday morning you have to get up and go to work.)

I have a lot of Asian decor, since I served my mission in Japan. People will give me stuff that looks Asian, and or that is from Japan.  Aren't these little rabbits perfect, my Friend (from Japan) gave them to my Mom as a thank-you. I had to barrow them.

I made these little favors... "Lai See"  are small red and gold envelopes containing money and are given at Chinese New Year. The envelopes must be red as these signify prosperity and good luck. I put a chocolate coin inside. (yum!)
I also made these paper lanterns, (the red and gold ones, the white ones are store bought) from this tutorial; here. 

I also printed out a little info on everyones Chinese Zodiac sign so we could see what our own sign was all about. My sign is the MONKEY. Cruz's is the PIG.  {Click to see them bigger.}

We had some Chinese-ish food. Grilled Shrimp, Fortune Cookies, Mandarin Oranges, Swedish Fish (It's common to serve the entire fish, including the head for CNY, hence we went with candy ones). 

We also went with some RABBIT food, since it was the year of the rabbit. Some nice veggies, to round off the snacks.

Origami. We folded paper rabbits. Did you know... It began in China in the first or second century and then spread to Japan sometime during the sixth century. I didn't.
Of course we had to have some Chinese finger traps. People were pretty festive and wore red, black, and gold clothing. 

And no new years celebration is complete with out fireworks. We had Sparklers. These photos are us trying to be cool and write the word RABBIT, and take a picture. However, my lack of knowing how to use my camera did not allow for cool pictures. (Thank you Darlene Peterson for answering my plea on facebook and providing the sparklers! Your awesome.)

 We had a great time with reading about our Chinese Zodiac, and also watching Kung-fu Panda. It was a great excuse to get together, and have a party. Thanks again everyone for being good sports.

For some reason the guys got into jumping, and throwing paper airplanes all while they were being photographed. Not sure why... but they did have a good time. Maybe they were trying to be really awesome at hopping like a rabbit.... or maybe they are just boys being boys?

I think this is part of fulfilling my 2011 goal of PARTY MORE.

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