Tuesday, February 8, 2011

valentine's day decor

I don't really have any decor for holidays except a few random things for halloween, and of course Christmas. So, I tried to go find something cute for Valentine's day. I didn't really have much luck. I was on a budget. I was hoping for something great for $20. Nothing. (Wasn't really wanting to do anything super crafty.) So, I decided that I would just use what I had. I did get 2 things last year for Valentines day a vase, and the placemat.
Here is what I found...
  •  2 glass cylinder vases, have had these for years!
  •  1 glass cylinder vase that says LOVE on it, in different fonts. Pick up last year from all-a-dollar in orem. (Saw that they had them again this year.)
  • 3 red floating candles
  • Red bead things... left over from a school project
  • White beads... got for a Christmas decor thing
  • Pink placemat... a target find last year for something like $1.59
  • Black frame with our picture in it (had this)
  • Japanese bowl with red and silver kisses
  • "LOVE" hanging plastic letters...made with old scrap-booking stuff that is in my closet
I had originally planned it being for the kitchen table, but instead it ended up looking better on the counter. I like it. It didn't cost a cent... who knew we actually had some valentine's day decor just hanging around. 

I am excited for VALENTINE'S DAY, it is a holiday that I love since being married. (: It is fun to have a day to celebrate our relationship. I actually already got Cruz some little things for his gift, I just need something great to top it off with. Good thing I have a just a little less than a week, I'll for sure find something.

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